Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ta-Daaaa! A Brand New Blog! Oooh, It's Shiny...

Hi there, and welcome to my brand-spankin’-new blog! *throws confetti* 

For those of you who don’t know, I write romances.  I love reading them, dreaming them up, and making them come into being (no, not THAT way; I’m talking about writing here).  Wonder of wonders, I’ve recently found some uber-fab people at Samhain Publishing who feel the same way I do when it comes to romance.   Just yesterday I signed my second contract with Samhain for a cyberpunk novella by the name of ZERO FACTOR to be released as an ebook in August, and part of a trade-paperback cyberpunk anthology released some time in 2012 (as soon as I get firm dates, you can bet your bippy I’ll scream them from the rooftops).

But romantic fiction is not the only genre I’m interested in.  Far from it.  As I’ve journeyed through the (seriously convoluted) process of getting published, I’ve met some extraordinary writers and people in the publishing business from all genres whom I never would have met otherwise.  It pretty much goes without saying that while I love the romance genre, I am IN love with all writers who believe in the stories hammering about in their heads.  To believe so much in those stories, and in one’s ability to share them with the world, is an awe-inspiring thing.  I’m so thankful I’ve managed to stumble into a world filled with such incredibly brave and talented people.

Have you ever had an idea for a story that just wouldn’t leave you alone, or a daydream that kept you up at night?  Beware – you might be a writer in the making.


  1. Also, turn off the friggin' capthcha!!!

  2. Oh, I just refuse to answer that! LOL But I can't wait to read all about yours :)

  3. Hi, Joris! Um, I'll definitely turn off capthcha as soon as I figure out what the heck it is *runs off to google*

    *smoochies Rissa* You know we won't stop bugging you until you share your brilliance with the rest of the world, riiiiiight? ^_^

  4. Okay, I now know that that cap thingie is, but I have NO clue how to make it go bye-bye. I asked it politely to leave. Would you believe it didn't help? Sheesh.

  5. Yay - welcome to the! Shinyyyyy! :D

  6. Mothership -- certainly is with you aboard -- and well done - what a debut! Confetti bombs all day

    Do you know you hit it (the headlines, I mean) when ALL your *stars* (=planets) were in one place in the heavens - mucho good karma, mucho auspicious - what a great day for you. [I agree Rissa should do it 2]
    And since I haven't blogged for a month (edit/rewrites) you twisted my arm - back to it...

  7. @Cruella -- Woohoo, the blogo-ship! I wanna be where all the cool kids hang out, so here I am :p Out of curiosity, how many times do you update? I'm hoping to do it weekly, since I've been hoarding blog ideas and I usually have some sort of news to share. Should I push for more? Less? Does it matter?

    @Marian -- Yippee, really??? Isn't it amazing how often good things occur in life just when the stars are aligned? *waves at Joris* Happens too often for mere coincidence, methinks! Now get back to work, young lady, before we have to throw you in the dungeons with Captain Jack Sparrow and Legolas! *cracks whip*

  8. You're BLOGGING!!! WAHOO! Where have i been that I missed this? You're supposed to yell and scream and run around naked to make everybody come running!

    As for 'capchta'--Joris means the word verification... when we post comments we need to do that, and it slows down the loading. Under design/settings there is a place to select who can comment, where they show... and you can 'unselect' word verification.

    And you know I have LOTS of stories... just this morning I wrote 450 words of a story that has been bugging me in spite of my book I HAVE to be writing right now.

  9. "Shiny" reminds me of Firefly. That makes you alright in my book. I don't remember you from HPANA. Maybe you can enlighten me. I didn't hang out in Fan Fiction much. I'm guess that is where you spent your time?

  10. So the Penguine is finally in blogsphere. Welcome.
    You can't get any cooler than what you already are, but yes, this is where the cool kids hang out. Even the ones who are strictly speaking not kids, but worthy adults who choose to be kids at heart.

  11. @Hart -- Yayness for the Muse giving your creative juices the big honkin' whammy! Roll with it, baby, and enjoy the ride. :) Thanks muchly for the heads-up on how to make the warped words go away. I'll give it a try and see what happens.

    @Marjorie -- hey there! Firefly... you just said the magic word. I ADORE Firefly, and not just because I want to kidnap Nathan Fillion and make him my toy. Great writing, an unbelievable cast, a spin-off movie that answered all the hanging questions the series wasn't allowed any time to answer... and I want to make Nathan Fillion my toy. :P And as for HPANA, I pretty much lived in the Wizard War. No Fanfics for me, but I did love reading them. That's when I discovered Tami was a very talented writer who was just itching to do her own thing. Where did/do you usually hang out?

    @Rayna -- thanks so much for the warm welcome! I'm just going to quietly follow along in your footsteps (and Hart's and Cruella's and Elizabeth's and Tara's), and see what I can do with this. I've been hoarding ideas for blogs for about six months now, so I decided it was time to finally try this out. :)

  12. How often - it's a matter of what you can keep up with, really. Once a week might be good. It depends also on what sort of content you're looking at - if you're only doing book/promo-related stuff I don't if you have enough material to update more than once a week, but if you want to share your inner thoughts and feelings - maybe you'll need to post twice a day?

    Most people pick something in between - as a general rule I'd say never more than daily (as it gets tricky to keep up for your readers), but if you're aiming for only once a week you might consider mentioning that somewhere on the site, so that people know what to expect. A tip is to be as predictable as possible (unlike, say, me, who is posting if and whenever I feel like it...), and start a routine. Make it easier for readers to keep up.

    But you'll find your way - no worries. And you know, if I can be any help at all, just shoot me an email, or Facebook-email (Facemail?), or poke me with a long stick, or shout really loud... I'll try to listen really hard ;)

  13. Wahoo! Sparkly Stacy is a-blogging! *throws confetti*

    You know, I only just realised (though I've always known, so I don't know why I'm only thinking this now) that you write the genre that I just stumbled in on. We'll have to chat up a storm via Facebook one of these fine days. :)

    Great new blog, good luck with it! I don't need to wish you luck with your writing as we all know you're going to be FABULOUSLY successful!*nods*