Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s Time To Unveil A CLOCKWORK CHRISTMAS’S Amazing Jenny Schwartz!

WANTED: ONE SCOUNDREL Releases Dec. 5th!

I'm shining the spotlight on my anthology sisters, PG Forte, JK Coi and Jenny Schwartz, three incredibly talented writers who have been published in a myriad of subgenres in the romance field.  First up: Jenny Schwartz!

When I first found out I had been accepted by Carina Press to be a part of A CLOCKWORK CHRISTMAS, the first thing I did… well, the first thing I did was almost faint.  Heh.  Then when my head cleared, the next thing I did was think, “I wonder who else made it in?”  It wasn’t long before our editor, Angela James, was “introducing” us via email.  Jenny Schwartz, JK Coi, PG Forte and I hit it off so much that even after our steampunk project is officially launched and over with, we’ve decided we’re going to stick together and be critique partners for each other.  There are no words to describe how grateful I am to be included in a project with these multi-published authors.  Just about everything I now know about the book business, I’ve learned from them.

I’ve got to give the nod to Jenny Schwartz for getting the ball rolling on us coming together as a team.  She was the one who sent out the email that basically said, “We only have three months before our release day on December 5th, what are we going to do?”  Jenny has focused us on the art of promo as well as encouraging me to team-think, so it’s Jenny I'm focusing on first.

Jenny Schwartz, Author/Amazing Person
Jenny Schwartz, the author of WANTED: ONE SCOUNDREL, is a fabulously inventive writer whose narrative “voice” drew me into her world from the first page.  This sweet, romantic steampunk story involves a strong-minded heroine (Esme) who would have fit in nicely with the women of my own family, a suffragette who knows more about the ways of the world than most men.  I cheered Esme on right away, but what kept me reading through to the end (in one sitting, no less) was the mystery surrounding the yummy hero, Jed Reeve.  There’s just something that doesn’t quite add up with this apparent scoundrel, and it was a twist at the end that made me chuckle.

For more of WANTED: ONE SCOUNDREL, read on:
All suffragette Esme Smith wants is a man. A scoundrel to be precise. Someone who can be persuaded to represent her political views at men-only clubs. As the daughter of the richest man in Australia, Esme can afford to make it worth the right man's while.
Fresh off the boat, American inventor Jed Reeve is intrigued by Esme's proposal, but even more interested in the beauty herself. Amused that she takes him for a man who lives by his wits, he accepts the job—made easier by the fact that he already shares her ideals. Soon, he finds himself caught up in political intrigue, kidnapping and blackmail, and trying to convince his employer he's more than just a scoundrel...
26,000 words

Wanna know where to pick up WANTED: ONE SCOUNDREL, releasing December 5th?  Of course you do!
Carina Press:


Tomorrow, look for a sneak peek at PG Forte and THIS WINTER HEART!


  1. YAY, Jenny's story was so frickin' amazing, and she is such a fantastic motivator for the four of us :)

  2. Really? You waited for Angela's email? I started stalking y'all way before that. lol! And, yes, such a great story. LOVE Esme's spirit.