Sunday, July 1, 2012


It might be sweltering here in the Northern Hemisphere, but down in the southern half of the globe it’s the middle of winter.  To celebrate, my Aussie antho sister, Jenny Schwartz, is giving away a rare print copy of our steampunk Christmas romance anthology, A CLOCKWORK CHRISTMAS here on her website!  These four tales are full of ingenious steampunk gadgetry, magnificent Victorian flair and the moving, twine-around-your-heart emotions that come with falling in love.  To enter, pop on over to her blog and leave a comment with your email addy.  And if you’d like to learn more about A CLOCKWORK CHRISTMAS and its stories written by Jenny, JK Coi, PG Forte and me, check us out here.  Good luck!


  1. Cool. I'll check it out.


  2. We had a long hot horrible summer down here in my corner of Australia ... so you all have my sympathy. Take care, and I wish you all lots of ice cream :) oh! and a good book to read ;)

  3. Thanks, Donna! :)

    Jenny -- Heehee, I'm eating ice cream as we speak. *nom nom*