Monday, June 3, 2013

WOUNDED ANGEL Blog Tour, Plus an Excerpt!

Annnnnd, we’re off! WOUNDED ANGEL is on an excerpt blog tour, brought to you by GoddessFish—yay!  Follow along and enter at each stop, and you could win a $25 Amazon GC.  Here's where I'm headed:

What’s an excerpt tour?  Well, I took about a dozen or so snippets from WOUNDED ANGEL so that people could get a glimpse of what’s going on.  Teasers, if you will, to whet the appetite… kind if like this:


“Last chance to be smart and back out.” He pulled her close, and the fierce tenderness in the arms that held her warmed her more than their shared body heat. “I can’t tell you to hide out until it’s all over, because I know you won’t. I’ve finally figured out that hiding from a fight is something you won’t do.”

And she’d thought he would never learn. “Damn straight.”

“So I’m not telling. I’m asking.” As if he found the feel of her body irresistible when she was so close, he rubbed his hands over her back then, with a quick glance around the sparsely populated area of the pier, slid them lower to cup her bum. He massaged the rounded flesh until she could no longer feel the cold. “I’m asking you to stay out of this. Protect yourself like the irreplaceable treasure you are. Value yourself like I do, and let me do this on my own.”


See how that works? ;)
Also, since it’s June, I’m now engaged in BuNoWriMo big-time.  I’m hoping to get about 2K words daily (with a minor lull when I have family visiting) on a project I’d already started.  SECRETS SO DEEP is the third Bitterthorn, Texas book focusing on Chandler Thorne and the rebuilding of Thorne Mansion.  But there’s something hidden in the rubble of the once-great mansion, a secret no one even imagined was there.  I’m having such a great time with this story! :D

That’s it for now.  Happy reading!
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  1. Way cool. Good luck with the tour, and the writing.