Friday, December 6, 2013

Care For a Sneak Peek at DANGEROUS ANGEL?

Hey there!  I just received the BCC (back cover copy) for DANGEROUS ANGEL, coming to you from Carina Press.  Wanna see?

Book four of the Earth Angel series

Miami’s best bounty hunter, Nikita Tesoro will do anything to collar a fugitive. Including stepping into a stripper’s stilettos for the night. Outsmarting her rival Kyle Beaudecker is just a bonus. Despite the sexual tension sparking between them, Nikita keeps a professional distance from “Hurricane” Kyle. After all, she can’t get hurt if she doesn’t care.

A descendant of the archangel Barakiel with the power to harness electricity, Kyle should be focusing his energy on tracking down a demon that may be hiding in the human realm. But he’s a lover, not a fighter, and he’d much rather use his special talents for pleasure: specifically Nikita’s. And teaming up to find a bail jumper means spending lots of time together…

But when their case takes a turn for the demonic, Kyle can no longer hide his true nature from Nikita. He’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart—even stop the apocalypse. But he can’t do it alone.

80,000 words

Yeah, I know I just had a release in my Bitterthorn, Texas series (*ahem* STARTING FROM SCRATCH, dontcha know :P), but I'm already getting excited about the conclusion of The Earth Angels miniseries.  DANGEROUS ANGEL will release March 31st, 2014, which is only a few months away, if you think about it.  I can't wait to reveal how this four-part story arc finally concludes!

For more on DANGEROUS ANGEL, please feel free to check out my Pinterest storyboards. :)

NOT the cover for DA. Just a fab pic of Josh Kloss. *sigh*

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