Monday, March 31, 2014

It's RELEASE DAY for DANGEROUS ANGEL!!! Oh, how to describe it...?

Woooooo!  DANGEROUS ANGEL is out today!!! Time to bust out a happy dance!

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to release a book. I mean, the whole process of creating a book starts off so innocuously. First, there's the sudden flash of inspiration.

But it’s just an idea. A germ. I suppose it’s like having imaginary friends who have a life that's waaaaay more interesting than yours will ever be. Sad, but true. :P

Once I've got an idea, I stitch together the basic outline. Then I do a chapter-by-chapter outline.

During my own personal creative process, every now and again I’ll run into trouble...

There have been times when I've been absolutely convinced I can't put two words together...

...and I’ll admit that I’ve slammed into my share of plot walls.

But like the professional I am, I persevere. I persevere thanks to my excellent coping skills.

Once the book is done and I’ve told the story I wanted to tell, I send it off in the hope that some editor somewhere will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If I’m lucky enough to have it accepted…

…it’s a mad dash through several rounds of edits.

Before I know it, RELEASE DAY looms on the horizon.

I’ve got tons to do, including contacting various bloggers to see if they might be interested in hosting a guest post, or maybe even reviewing the book.

It gets a little stressful, but again I'm a professional. I can handle it.

And then it happens. Release day finally dawns, and after weeks and months of gearing up for my book-baby’s debut… I'm totally unprepared.

Seriously, I have NEVER felt prepared. Not once.

But somehow, it always turns out all right.

And really, what is there to freak out about? I dreamed something up, sat my ass down in a chair and brought that sucker out into the freaking world.

That’s a pretty huge deal, and it’s something to be proud of.

I am so proud of DANGEROUS ANGEL, and it still feels like a dream that I've now published my first-ever series with the amazing Carina Press (231,000+ words later!!!). The happiness that I feel is almost indescribable. Well... actually, this gif comes close:

Penguins frolicking after a butterfly. OMG.

So I’m going to get through this release date with nothing but a grin on my face… and maybe a bottle in my hand. :D

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