Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kindlegraph -- My New Love

When I was a kid and dreamed of being a published author, I would practice my signature (mainly because I have REALLY bad left-handed handwriting and no one can read it), and try to come up with an appropriate message of gratitude for anyone who bought my book.  Yeah, I know it's corny, but I really did dream of signing autographs. :P

Then I got published by Samhain, an amazing digital-first publisher, and I just assumed doing the whole autograph thing could never happen on their ebooks. 

Oh, ye of little faith, Stacy.

The equake of 2010, also known as the ebook revolution, hit the publishing world sideways, with the sales of Kindle, Nook, and other ereaders going through the roof for Christmas of 2010.  Naturally, a galvanic shift occurred in the reading public's buying habits, which leads us to where we are now -- 8 months later, with book publishers still reeling, and everyone in the pub business trying to catch up and/or be a trailblazer (one thing I DO know is that annual ebook sales are UP over 160% for this year, whereas annual paperback and hardcover book sales were down 17% and 23%, respectively, and that's a big deal for all the publishing houses).

When this shift toward ebooks happened, some bright bulb realized autographs were suddenly on the endangered species list.  Not that there would be a lack of requests for them – that wasn’t the case at all.  But how the heck can an author PERSONALLY SIGN an ebook for his or her reader?

I encourage ANYONE who’s interested in getting their ebooks personally autographed to watch the video in the link above, because it’ll explain it WAY better than I will.  I can tell you that anyone who’s bought an ebook, and finds it listed on Kindlegraph’s website, can get an autograph for their book, totally for free.  And you don’t have to have a Kindle specifically – it’s for every ereader out there.  How cool is that?

The publishing world is changing hour by hour, and I welcome it with open arms.  That's why I put my books, ZERO FACTOR and BEST MAN, WORST MAN on Kindlegraph today.  If you've bought either of these fab little romances, go ahead and find me on my new Author Page on Kindlegraph.  Trust me, I've been practicing for this for a long time. ;)
Zero Factor Release Aug. 30th
Pre-Order @ Samhain, Amazon, B&N
Best Man, Worst Man Release Oct. 25th
Pre-Order @ Samhain, Amazon, B&N

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  1. Hi! I'm the creator of Kindlegraph.

    Thanks for using the service and for this fantastic post. I just wanted to let you know that the signing process has just been dramatically improved. You can check it out in action here:

    Authors can start using this new signing process today! Just look for the link to the improved signing process at the top of the requests page.