Monday, October 17, 2011

TOO SPICY TO BE SWEET -- Yup, that's Best Man, Worst Man

Guess what?  BEST MAN, WORST MAN from SamhainPublishing has been reviewed.  Guess what again?  People LIKE it! *faints*

Confession time—I’ll admit I was concerned about how this project was going to be received, since the powers-that-be at Samhain decided to market this fun little project as a “contemporary” romance, rather than a “sweet” romance.  What’s the difference?  As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, a sweet romance is one without sex–the story focuses on the true romance of romance, rather than, erm, getting busy in the bedroom.  Or shower.  Or trampoline.  Whatever.

A contemporary romance, though, definitely lets the inhibitions drop, right along with the panties.  So when they labeled BEST MAN, WORST MAN as a contemporary romance, I was a tad worried.  Would people get it, even if the main characters weren’t, y’know, getting any?

This is was what Library Journal had to say:

Claire Pomeroy is a highly sought-after wedding planner with a reputation for professionalism and going above and beyond the call of duty. She is well on the way to sending her latest couple on to wedded bliss when a blip in the form of a best man comes onto her radar. Ryder Price is dead set on stopping his best friend from walking down the aisle, and a wedding planner is not about to mess up his plan-no matter how perfect she appears. Claire must convince Ryder that a lifetime of happiness is possible in order to keep the wedding on and her heart intact.

Verdict Gail's (Zero Factor) latest novella moves quickly, with only a few uneven parts, and is a fun, sexy read. Although the action never moves beyond some ultra-heavy petting, romance is everywhere as wedding planning abounds. Fans of Nora Roberts's "Bride Quartet" will find alluring the blending of intense passion with detailed discussions of wedded bliss.—Kellie Tilton, Univ. of Alaska–Fairbanks Lib.

So… YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!  I. Am. SO. Happy!  My ultimate goal for BEST MAN, WORST MAN was to focus on the purest form of romance—the magic of falling in love.  This story is a bit too passionate to be labeled as “sweet”, but what can I say?  Even when it comes to the sweetness of romance, I do like things spicy. *wink*

Where to buy BEST MAN, WORST MAN: Samhain,  AmazonBarnes and Noble
In Other News...

Harlequin Books gave the authors of "A CLOCKWORK CHRISTMAS" a wonderful surprise the week of New York ComicCon (which is what next week's blog is all about).  From @HarlequinBooks on Twitter:
In honor of , we've put 's Steampunk holiday anthology A CLOCKWORK CHRISTMAS is on early!

That's right, folks!  CRIME WAVE IN A CORSET, my holiday steampunk sensual romance for Carina Press's A CLOCKWORK CHRISTMAS is now available for review on NetGalley.  So if you're a reviewer, please consider giving it a look -- thanks!


  1. Yay! I loved Zero Factor, am so glad that your writing career is taking off :)

  2. YAY! I'm so happy for your great review! And as I've read both of these, I will get some reviews posted because they're fabulous!