Saturday, November 5, 2011

ZERO FACTOR IS UP FOR BOOK OF THE WEEK! So, um... vote for me? Please?

A truly spectacular email was waiting in my inbox from Long and Short Reviews (LASR) this week--a 4.5-star review for ZERO FACTOR!   (To check out this review from Orchid at LASR, please click here)

This novella is part of a three-story anthology called CYBERSHOCK, published by the ever-amazing Samhain Publishing.  The novellas have been separately released in ebook format, and will be published in print in July, 2012 (I'm so looking forward to that!).

But what's really fabulous about this review is that I now have an opportunity to win the Book of the Week on LASR's website.  It's an honor just to be nominated, so I'm thrilled with this already.  But I'd really like to win, so I need your vote!  Just click here and vote for ZERO FACTOR, and I'll give you a cookie.  Or at least a picture of a cookie.  Or maybe a donut.  Your choice.



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