Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gone Again...So Will All Hell Break Loose?

I just got back from a week-long vacay, a time when all sorts of good things broke loose while I was away.  I received the PDF ARCs for WOUNDED ANGEL (and I now have the epubs too, if any reviewer is interested *happy dance*), and then super-squee’d in public when I got the email that the final book in The Earth Angels series, DANGEROUS ANGEL, had been accepted for publication by Carina Press.  YAY!  The series is now complete, and that is the best feeling imaginable.

Now I’m headed off again for a week—work this time, but soooo much fun, it’ll hardly feel like work at all. ;)  But I’ll be gone again, and that means… more news!  Seriously, it never freaking fails.  I head off and BAM! News.  For instance:

*NetGalley has put WOUNDED ANGEL up on their site for reviewers to make with the grabby hands!  You know you wanna make with the grabby hands.  Admit it. Heh.

*PG Forte is a GENIUS when it comes to promo.  She thought of gathering a bunch of authors who are releasing in May, pooling our resources, and doing a blog hop called ONE HOT MONTH FOR BOOKS!  I love doing blog hops, so I’m thrilled to be a part of this.  Check the FB site daily for more details, such as who’s joining, where we’ll be and what we’re giving away.  And, of course, to just say hi and chat! :D

I'm on my way!

That’s my latest news in the publishing biz.  The rest of this week will be focused on the world of figure skating, so to my two outstanding competitors—GOOD LUCK, GIRLS! <3