Monday, July 1, 2013

Take A Peek At My Favorite Scene From DANGEROUS ANGEL!

The finish line is in sight.  The line edits for DANGEROUS ANGEL, the last book in The Earth Angels series, are almost done. After this, there will only be the copy edits to go through, and then my first series is going to be in the bag. Woo!

Because I'm feeling a little nostalgic over this, I thought I'd share a bit of what I've been working on. Here's a favorite scene from DANGEROUS ANGEL's opening chapter spotlighting Kyle, a character that briefly appeared in WOUNDED ANGEL.  Kyle is a Miami bounty hunter who's zeroing in on his latest jump, who is holed up in a tacky strip club. He believes he's the only bounty hunter who's been clever enough to have found his target known as Man-Baby, but...

The heavy calf-length skirt loosened. With a move akin to drying off one’s backside, the stripper stood right in front of Kyle’s target and shook her tweed-veiled ass until Man-Baby erupted with a raucous hoot. Satisfied, she tossed the skirt aside, and revealed a heavily spangled white bikini bottom. It was a sight that turned Kyle’s mouth into a desert and his blood into a wild flow of molten lava. The liquid heat pooled in his lower regions until he had to shift, the raw hunger pulsing through him so feverishly he didn’t have to look down to know he’d grown hard.
Mystery solved as to why Jon-Jay Horowitz was such a fan of The Toy Box. If this was the caliber of talent employed at this unassuming establishment, then Kyle really had no choice but to become a repeat customer himself.
With a half-smile that would have seduced a ninety-year-old monk, the woman onstage repositioned the ruler in her ruby-red mouth so that it stuck straight out. Then she sank with a ballerina’s grace to her knees and offered the opposite end of it to Man-Baby.
Dammit, not him. He’s not worthy of you.
Kyle glared at the lummox’s expansive back while Man-Baby upended his chair in his haste to accept the woman’s challenge, and the ruler passed from her mouth to his. Then, still on her knees, she sat back until she was resting on her heels, her head tilting all the way back as she slid her hand down the center of her lean torso. And down. And down. And down…
A harsh sound grated out of Kyle’s clenched throat when her fingers slid boldly under the edge of the spangled panties. Her hips arched and rocked, a fluid sex-motion that he could picture her doing as she rode a man until he cried out for mercy. As he watched, so mesmerized by the unrepentant vision of sensuality, he didn’t realize he’d reached for the bulge behind his zipper until he groaned at the pressure of his squeezing fingers.
She was the embodiment of carnal pleasure, a fantasy men wove in the darkest part of night when sleep was impossible and the bed was empty. It almost crushed him when she withdrew her hand, as her ecstasy hadn’t yet been reached… and pulled out a shiny pair of handcuffs.
Oh, hot fucking damn, YES.
The other patrons seemed to agree. The noise level trebled as she swung them tantalizingly in front of Jon-Jay. He let out another whoop and gave her a fistful of money before he offered up his wrists. A strange, out-of-place expression flashed across her face for a split second. It looked almost like… like…
“Wait a minute.” But even as suspicion slammed into Kyle with all the force of a sledgehammer, she slapped the cuffs on Jon-Jay, hopped off the stage in a no-nonsense manner, pulling a badge out of one of the spangled bra cups of her bikini top as she went. Then, when she flashed it in front of Man-Baby’s disbelieving eyes, took off the big, ugly glasses and shook out the long waterfall of wavy dark hair, Kyle wished to any powers listening that he had the flexibility to kick himself in the ass.
“Damn you, Nikita.” And, to add insult to injury, Kyle found he didn’t have the strength to peel his hand away from his rock-hard dick.

Hope you enjoyed it! ^_^

(For more on DANGEROUS ANGEL, feel free to visit its Pinterest storyboard.  Dangerous Angel will be released 3/31/14 from Carina Press.)

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