Monday, May 16, 2011

HA! LITBM Blogfest -- Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Thank you Leigh, for coming up with this idea!  To have so many bloggers sign up for a day of laughing it up shows just how needed this was.  Thanks also to your partner in crime, Lydia Kang, whose blog I've linked to for the list of participating bloggers. :)

Laughter really is the best medicine, and it's so wonderful to have a Blogfest  that involves sharing the things that make you chuckle the most.  I had a hard time choosing between a couple of things that make me laugh so hard that milk comes out my nose -- even when I'm not drinking any milk.  Then I thought, why choose?  No need to be so stingy when it comes to the giggles, right?

So, here we go, my new #1 time-waster -- DAMN YOU, AUTOCORRECT! XD

Yeah, those words are so close.  Uh-huh.  And then there's this one:

 It's like the phone was out to make the poor guy look like the biggest creeper who ever slimed his way across God's green earth.  And then of course, it gets worse:

Mom?  You there?  I swear I'm not a perv.  Hello?

I hope you all got a laugh out of these lovely little gems, and if you're wanting to read more, you can find it here -- .  One word of warning:  This website sucks you in.  Before you know it, not only have you lost time on the scale of an alien abduction, you also may have wet your pants.  Enjoy! :D

Linky to list of fab bloggers participating in LITBM today:)


  1. Okay, this may have made me laugh the hardest this morning. I AM ASPARAGUS! OMG, totally laughing too loud for where I am right now...

    Thank you for joining in on the Blogfest!

  2. I was trying to hold in my laughs on this one, and someone asked if I was ok because it sounded like I was crying. Thanks for making my Monday a good one.

  3. I LOVE reading autocorrect blunders! <3<3<3<3

  4. OH GOOD Someone else who loathes autocorrect!

    But if I knew they would be THIS hysterically funny I probably would of left the feature on!

    hahahahaha thanks for one of the best laughs of the day!

  5. I love this site--totally agree it's the best time waste ever... somebody tagged me for one where somebody claimed to have made Varsity Crossdressing. *snort* (you might see why they tagged me)

  6. I love this site too, it's always good for a lift when you're feeling low. Never fails to make me laugh till I'm gasping.

  7. Are you sure those were mistakes :) Too funny. As if the "abot me" wasn't fun enough . .


  8. Hee, hee. This is so hilarious, and true! I struggle with my iphone autocorrect on a daily basis. Argh! Thanks for the laugh! :)


  9. lol lol These are fabulous.

  10. Oh, I love that website! It is totally addictive and leads to tears of laughter! Thanks for sharing :-)

  11. Haha wow, wow...I've got to say that asparagus one had me dying of laughter on my bedroom floor. XD


  12. Haha! Asparagus! This was so clever! Thanks for the laughs. :)

  13. I love love LOVE autocorrect! I can't eat or drink while reading because it's guaranteed to make me snort!

  14. Lydia -- thanks so much for this blogfest. What a hoot!

    J.L -- Ha! I've laughed so hard over some of these DYAC posts that I actually DID cry. :P

    Dawn -- aren't they great? One of my faves was one I didn't post, where "pens" turned into a certain part of the male anatomy, with the text going to their boss. I laughed so hard I hurt myself. :)

    Sophie -- heehee, be bold and leave it on! Let's see how much trouble you can get into, heh heh heh. ^_^

    Hart -- *snarfle* That was me on FB, actually. The moment I read about the kid making the Varsity Crossdressing team, I just had to show how your control of the planet was spreading. :D

    Laurel -- I know, me too. I couldn't think of any "writer" jokes, but when I thought about funny, DYAC instantly sprang to mind!

    Donna -- Ha, I had that EXACT same thought! I still don't know if those were really mistakes or not *is suspicious*

    Melissa -- I love how today's technology likes to "correct" us, don't you? It sure makes life interesting. :)

    M Pax -- This is just the tip of the iceburg. I actually spewed my coffee when I found the "I AM ASPARAGUS!" one.

    Katie -- Glad you enjoyed it! I have to admit, this might be the best way to kick off Mondays.


    Anita -- That's my favorite of the bunch as well! I don't think I'll ever be able to look asparagus in the eye again without wanting to yell that phrase out, loud and proud. :D

    Vicki -- EXACTLY! It should come with a warning or something. I mean, it killed TRA. *still sobbing*

  15. OMG - this I am not done reading all of the blogfest posts yet, but nearly and this is the funniest. Thank you. You brought tears to my eyes tonight from laughing so hard. I am posting this post on facebook.

  16. Nothing beats auto correct.

  17. I left you a little something on my blog :D


  18. BAAH!!! Ride that vagina over here... LOL!!! *snort*... Diaper! LOL!!! and pussy to Mom.


    I love those. Thanks for playing!!! :D