Friday, February 14, 2014

I have news on the re-titling!


I was so involved in wrapping up my latest project yesterday (Coe's story!) that I forgot to get the post up for Throwback Thursday. Ack! Oh well, I’ll be sure to hit it next Thursday, but in the meantime…


The book releasing from Carina Press in August, formerly known as SECRETS SO DEEP, finally has a new title!  It went through not one, but TWO re-titling meetings, with no one being able to agree on what it should be called.  But at last they’ve decided on a name. Yay! *happy dance*

Ready?  The next Bitterthorn, Texas release is now known as….


(And the crowd goes wild! *cheers*)

As I said, it'll be out this August.  Perfect timing, since the book takes place in summer during a terrible heatwave, so just about everyone will need a cool drink while reading this book (not to mention this is the hottest book I have EVER written, heh).

This is the blurb I put together for it, so it's as unofficial as you can get:

When Thorne Mansion burned down, Chandler was forced to watch his family’s proud history go up in smoke.  It's taken over a year, but he now has everything in place to rectify that tragedy, from funds and permits, to finding a world-renown conservation architect who will rebuild the Mansion to its former glory.  But when he lays eyes on Parker Radclyffe, he realizes he’s getting much more than he paid for.

As a military brat, Parker has lived all over the world.  Now that she’s an adult her nomadic lifestyle continues, thanks to her work as a specialist in historical architecture.  From dachas in Russia, to half-forgotten plantations in Jamaica, she roams the globe breathing life into buildings that would have otherwise been lost to the ages.  She’s intrigued by the Italianate castle that had been built in an unassuming Texas town a century and a half ago.  It’s an improbable building created in what was the Wild West by an unknown master, and that’s a combination she can’t resist.  Yet no matter how breathtaking Thorne Mansion once was, its perfection pales in comparison to its owner, Chandler.

To get to the heart of the Mansion’s stunning mystery, Parker uncovers secrets buried so deeply that not even Chandler is aware of their existence… or of his true bloodline.  The only secret he’s concerned with is how to get a woman who’s the living equivalent of a tumbleweed to hold still long enough to put down roots.  He does have one thing going for him—he’s a Thorne in every sense.  He won’t stop until he gets what he wants.  And what he wants is Parker.

Also, to get a much more in-depth look at my mindset while writing ONE HOT SECOND, please feel free to check out its storyboard on Pinterest.  Thanks for reading!

My vision of Chandler Thorne, editor of the Bitherthorn Herald. YUM.

Inspirational pic for Parker Radclyffe, professional rolling stone. She's finally met her match!


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    1. Thanks, Reese! This was the toughest thing I've come up against so far in my publishing career. Final total of potential titles I came up with: 30. Oy. :)

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    1. Alison, hi! *waves madly* Thanks so much, I like it too. Carina really cares about how they put things together, don't they? ^_^