Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teaser Tuesday--6 weeks to go! Take a peek at Kyle's hidden power

Wow, is it really only six weeks before DANGEROUS ANGEL releases? Holy cats, time is flying by! :D

When Kyle first showed up in WOUNDED ANGEL, I had a good idea of who he was going to be--a happy, laid-back beach bum/bounty hunter. But as his character progressed, I was as surprised as anyone by how mercurial he was. His quirky, oftentimes unbalanced way of looking at things caught me off-guard, yet no matter what I did to tame this dude, he flat-out refused to behave himself and act... well, normally.  

Then I researched his angelic progenitor in-depth. There are no words to describe how thrilled I was that Kyle's personality dovetailed perfectly with the root of his heavenly genetics.  The only thing I can't figure out is how my imagination knew it was important to make Kyle so, shall we say, changeable. I almost think it was divine inspiration.

Care to get a glimpse of what it is that makes Kyle so special? Here's a tiny peek of his true power, from Chapter Three in DANGEROUS ANGEL:

Despite the houseboat’s sturdy moorings, Kyle still detected the faint motion of the water in North Bay Village Marina. The squall that had crept in last night after sunset was trying its best to drown Miami, intensifying as it hit the summer-heated ground. Still, as rain-heavy as this thunderstorm was, it had nothing on the big daddy of a storm he sensed lurking behind it, further out to sea but gaining in strength. Its sullen whisper was faint but steady, promising to make today’s bad weather seem like nothing more than a gentle mist.
Hurricane season in Florida. Gotta love it.
With nothing more than the foul weather to keep him company, he sat crossed-legged and naked on the pale blue rubber matting that covered the security-glassed, panoramic-windowed exercise room. But instead of watching the sheets of rain chase across the water to slam inland, his eyes were closed against the pearlescent light.
With his eyes closed, it was easier to drift with the squall’s frenzied life.
He loved it when it rained. Stormed. Raged. He loved the energy of it, how it thrummed through him like a living thing, singing a song of euphoric delight that was just for him. If he focused enough, he’d be able to see the weather system’s energy patterns. Or, he could do something far more dangerous and guide it to his will. Instead, he simply floated with it for the sheer exhilaration of the out-of-body experience, riding its mercurial spasms of released electrical energy. Only when he sensed it meandering farther north did the enjoyment dim, and reality bobbed to the surface.
Is Nikita out in this mess?
Lightning had licked the earth countless times since sunrise. He’d felt every single strike as if it had come from him personally. If he opened his senses to it, the explosion of raw power would be enough to get intoxicated on, but he was the only one who got that much of a kick from it. To everyone else, lightning was a killer, not a negative ion joy-buzzer.
Nikita wouldn’t be stupid enough to go gallivanting around in a storm for some clothes and a piddling little paycheck. Would she?
Yes, came the immediate answer. Without a doubt, yes. When it came right down to it, Nikita lived just as dangerously as he did.
          With the greatest reluctance, Kyle lowered his inner defenses and sank that hidden part of himself into the storm. Slowly, carefully, he tugged at the roiling energy until he owned it. 

For a closer look at DANGEROUS ANGEL, feel free to take a look at its storyboard on Pinterest.

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