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Celebrating FINDERS KEEPERS Release, Interview/GIVEAWAY with Author PG Forte!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some talented writers, but there are only a handful I view as “sisters.”  PG Forte is one of them, a lovely woman whose passionate, deeply emotional work has reduced me to a blubbering mess on more than one occasion.  So, it’s with great pleasure I now welcome PG to my humble cyber-home on a very special time for her—we’re celebrating the release for her latest book, FINDERS KEEPERS!  Welcome, PG, make yourself at home. :D

PG: Aww, thanks Sis and right back atcha. It’s great to be here and so much fun to be once again promoting holiday stories with you. Congrats on your new release as well! 


SG: Thanks, and smoochies, sweetie!  Okay, down to business...We met last year during the release of your steamy steampunk novella, THIS WINTER HEART, a deliciously angsty story of love lost and found again.  In fact, it made me sniffle in the best possible way at the end! *warm fuzzies*  Can you tell me a little about FINDERSKEEPERS, and will I need a box of tissues for this one, or a cold shower?  Or both?


PG: Well, the cold shower for sure. lol! But probably not a whole box of tissues…I don’t think. Although it does get a little angsty at times. FINDERS KEEPERS is a whole bunch of love stories all rolled into one. We have friends-to-lovers story, another lovers’ reunion story (yes, my favorite!) and a second-chance-at-love story. The story is science-fiction, set in the not-so-distant future in a California that exists as its own republic following the break-up of the United States.  The political upheaval of the 2010s is only touched on in the book, but the collapse of the global economy paved the way for the privatized military complex to step in and “own” most of the technological advances in the world.

This is SO beautiful. Especially the abs. :D
SG: The artwork on this work in AH-MAYYYYY-ZING.  There’s just something about it…one, two three.  Wow, three people!  That immediately sets the temperature soaring! :D  Is this your first ménage?  Are there different challenges in writing a ménage love scene as opposed to a “conventional” two-person love scene?


PG: Isn’t that a great cover? I absolutely love it. And, I tell you, ever since I got it, I’m feeling a little less covetous of your beautiful cover for HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS.

This is my first finished ménage—and my first m/m/f. I have another in the works, but that’s m/m/m and that’s challenging just due to the pronouns alone! The challenges in FINDERS KEEPERS came from the characters’ personalities. One of my heroes was dragging his feet a little when it came time to commit to the whole ménage scene. But the others eventually won him over.


SG:  *fans self*  Man, that sounds sooooooo good, and I love the concept of a reluctant ménage guy.  LOVE.  I have to ask, how did the idea for FINDERS KEEPERS come about?


PG: Would you believe I dreamed it? True story. I woke up one morning with the first three chapters in my head—along with a clear idea of the dynamic between the three characters. But I had a lot of other projects I was working on at the time and this story probably would have stayed on the back burner for a while if it weren’t for you and JK Coi and Jenny Schwartz. I had so much fun with you all promoting our anthology last year. When I realized I could get this story finished and out in time for this Christmas—that we could both have sci-fi Christmas stories? (and gorgeous blue covers—what are the odds?) Well, I just had to re-order my schedule and get it done ASAP.


SG: I love it when plots come about in dreams!  Though I think you might be the lucky one here, as my dream-plots usually wind up with me naked-skating (talk about a nightmare *shudder shudder*)  So, now that you're traumatized with that horrifying mental image, let's switch gears!  I’m so curious about your main characters.  Would you mind telling me a little about each of them?


PG: Ooh, not at all! I love talking about my characters and these three were just so much fun to write.


Aldo is an undercover cop back home in Northern California after a stint in the military. Fifteen years earlier, Aldo had volunteered for a special-ops program that left him a changed man. To quote from the book: “His consciousness had been purposely and methodically expanded, and his brain reconfigured to the point where he could easily exert control over his brain waves and sympathetic nervous system.” After the death of his estranged husband, Aldo had grown disillusioned with the military and bought out his commission.

When he and Caleb meet, Aldo is immediately attracted to the other man. It comes as a huge shock to realize that this attraction might not be reciprocated. But that’s nothing compared to the shock of learning that Caleb might have designs on Aldo’s best friend, Sally.

Sally is the widow of Aldo’s late partner, Davis. She’s been in love with Aldo for a long time, but she knows it’s a hopeless cause. When Aldo invites both her and Caleb to his ski cabin for the holidays she’s pretty sure her best friend has matchmaking on his mind. It never occurs to her to wonder whether Aldo might have other ulterior motives or even an agenda of his own.

Caleb is also a product of military tinkering. Currently he’s on loan to the Oakland PD, where his job is to assist Aldo undercover. Caleb has no memory of his past and doesn’t understand his conflicted reaction to Aldo whom he simultaneously loathes and lusts after.

His feelings for Sally are a lot more straightforward—she’s the first person he’s been drawn to in as long as he can remember.

SG:  Oh, that sneaky Aldo!  And I'm already in love with Caleb, who sounds like he's just trying to find his place in the world. <3  Is there any one particular thing you really want to make sure everyone knows about FINDERS KEEPERS?


PG: FINDERS KEEPERS turned out to be a surprisingly nostalgic story. For all its heat, it’s a heartwarming holiday tale of love, forgiveness and family. Because family is at the heart of the holiday spirit.


SG:  PG, Thanks so much for dropping by to gab about your latest release, FINDERS KEEPERS!  This sounds like just what the doctor ordered when it comes to some steamy escapism during the hectic holiday season.


PG:  It was great chatting with you Stacy—as always! I always look forward to seeing what you’re up to next.

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  1. I was so awed to hear you actually dreamed the plot, PG ... and then my awe was shattered giggling at Stacy. Naked skating? *giggles*

    Happy release day!

    1. I HATE THOSE DREAMS. They always leave me like O_O for the rest of the day, so yeah. PG's definitely the lucky one here. ;)

  2. lol! okay, yes. I will agree that my dreams are better than yours. Or, at least I'll agree once I stop giggling. You guys are the best.

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