Friday, December 7, 2012

The Reviews are in! A GALACTIC HOLIDAY Received a "Recommended Read"!


Much to my surprise, A GALACTIC HOLIDAY showed up on Dear Author as a Recommended Read!  If you'd like to read the post by Jayne in its entirety, you can find it here.  I'm just thrilled people are reading it.  Thank you, people! *happy dance*

Another fabulous review comes from author Tori MacAllister, who summed up A GALACTIC HOLIDAY like this:

Overall, I would actually say this anthology was the best holiday one Carina has put out this month, with three stories of truly outstanding quality from three relatively new writers who I hope are destined to produce many more stories for our consumption. Turn on the tree lights and snuggle up with some hot chocolate and your ereader to enjoy this fabulous addition to the holiday romances out this season! :-)


Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod. If you don’t find yourself falling for both Edison and Reina, then you have a heart colder than any android I know. In a richly painted world (and one I hope to see much more of in future stories), Edison and Reina are caliente hot despite a Chicago blizzard outside. Gail’s writing is strong and tight with her novella showing that mark of truly outstanding writing in that you don’t feel anything is missing – we see each emotional step of our hero and heroine unrushed and each plot point is fully fleshed out. It’s masterful enough that I’m buying the other Gail stories listed on Goodreads to see if her writing holds up elsewhere. Color me her newest fan!

(Thank you, Tori!)

Bookswagger Gave A GALACTIC HOLIDAY 4 Crowns!  Quote from Bookswagger Marcia:

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I loved, A Galactic Holiday, I even got a little misty eyed (I did not cry, you cannot prove it).

(Yeah, but I bet you did, just a little. Hee. ^_^)

Butterfly-O-Meter gave A GALACTIC HOLIDAY 4 Butterflies! :

All in all, this was a great romantic read for the Holidays, I recommend it warmly since it's fun, interesting, positive and sort of sweet, just the kind of state of mind you'd want for this time of year.

(I like the idea of butterflies, don't you?  So pretty <3)

Book-A-Holic Anon also gave us 4 Stars:

 This is an excellent read for any sci-fi/fantasy fans who also like a bit of heat and romance.

What she had to say about HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS really made me smile:

 The case itself was interesting and I won’t give it away but what I liked best was the fact that both main characters acknowledged their weaknesses and were willing to see the others side even if it wasn’t what they would have chosen for themselves. There seemed to be a good balance between them and that at times is missing in romances… Also let’s just say the ending made me do a bit of an Awwww …. I will definitely keep my eye out for more by Ms. Gail.


Mixed Book Bag gave A GALACTIC HOLIDAY 5 stars!  *spazzes*  She wrote:

If you are a Science Fiction Romance reader A Galactic Holiday is a must read. I hope each of the authors will write additional SFR romance stories. Full-length novels would be great.

(Hmmm, full-length novel, you say?  That sounds doable. :D)

There are more reviews coming in every day, but no matter what they say--love, hate or indifferent--I'm grateful to any reader who takes the time to give their attention to A GALACTIC HOLIDAY.  Anna, Sasha and I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!




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