Friday, March 22, 2013


I don’t know why, but for some reason whenever I go out of town, EVERYTHING HAPPENS.  For instance…

I have PDF-only copies of WOUNDED ANGEL ready for review!!!  While I was on vacation without my laptop, I couldn’t download the PDF file. :(  All I could do was squeal about the email and promise myself to never again go anywhere without a computer (yeah, it was a vacation where no work was supposed to be going on, but life never turns out that way.  Live and learn;) ). 

Then, just three days ago while I was in the midst of vacay madness I received an email from my editor at Carina Press, Andrea Kerr, with some AWESOME news.  Ready?  *ahem*


This is the fourth and final book in The Earth Angels series, and it’s one of the biggest books I’ve ever written.  It’s also the very first “ensemble” book I’ve written, so I was quite nervous about this submission.  Every main character from the overall series has a role to play in this final book, so I took my time to make sure I did it right. It was well worth it, considering what Andrea had to say:

“I thought the book was a terrific wrap-up of the series. Kyle and Nikita were a lot of fun, very sexy, lots of witty banter--it is clear they've been in lust/love for a long time before our story opens. I really liked the bounty hunter angel and the characters we encounter as a result. I shed some tears over Nikita's past, too, and the whole situation with (demon’s name redacted/NO SPOILERS! :D) is very dark and creepy. The other readers agreed it is an "absorbing, engaging read with good characterization and world building" and that your writing is "strong and vivid".”

Woohoo!  There’s no publication date for DANGEROUS ANGEL yet, though Andrea mentioned she’s going to assume the powers-that-be will want to have this wrap-up to The Earth Angels happen sooner rather than later.  That means she’s currently neck-deep in developmental edits for this project and has promised to get them to me posthaste.  If you’re curious about this final Angels book, here’s my own blurb for it:

Despite the possibility of a demon hiding in the human realm in order to bring about an apocalypse, one would think Kyle Beaudecker would be ready to go to war. After all, he's the descendant of the lesser archangel Barakiel, the angel of lightning and the only angel to defeat the demon Envy. But Kyle's a lover, not a fighter, and the only fighting he's interested in is seeing how many moves it takes to pin down rival bounty hunter, Nikita Tesoro. Besides, what are the odds of an apocalypse starting in Miami, the mojito and cruise capital of the world?

A harrowing crossing from Cuba left Nikita orphaned as a young girl and the recipient of some hard lessons. One, numbness is possible if you don't care, and two, relying on oneself is the key to survival. These lessons work--until she comes up against that never-ending distraction she thinks of as Hurricane Kyle. Sexy. Clever. Mercurial. Crazy. The poster boy for ADHD, Kyle is just the right combination of man-parts to curl her toes. For years she's kept him at arm's length out of a long-standing policy to never need anyone, but when they team up to find a bail jumper, distance becomes the last thing on Nikita's mind.

Their case turns ominous when the trail is littered with signs of the demonic: sex, death... and the dead back among the living. This time, though, Kyle won't be alone in holding off the end of the world. But even with the modern-day Nephilim breaking all the rules to stand by his side, the battle of holding onto Nikita's vulnerable heart--and her sanity--is the one fight he'd rather die than lose.

Also, I always put together a Pinterest storyboard for my projects (storyboards help me plan things out and keep track of my research).  If you want to get a really good look of what’s going on in my inner world, feel free to take a look at DANGEROUS ANGEL’s storyboard (and for those of you who know me personally… yeah, yeah.  I know.  Kyle is me *cough*ADHD*cough*).

So, there you have it—my big news!  If you’re a reviewer, please let me know if you’d like a PDF copy of WOUNDED ANGEL, and I’ll get it right out to you.  Thanks for reading!



  1. w00t w00t! So excited for you, Stace! That is excellent news on Dangerous Angel!

    1. I heaved a HUGE sigh of relief on this one, Your Tartness. Six freaking months to write a book. Yeah, I was interrupted by all the edits for the other books last summer, but still... *shakes head* I was just hoping the story in my head (the 4-part story arc) came out the way I wanted it to. I'm so glad Andrea and CP's Acquisitions team seemed to like it too. *wipes brow* :P

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! *high fives* HUGE congrats, Stacy!!And OF COURSE they liked it!

    1. *high fives* Thanks Ms. Smith! :D And huge congrats on your amazing cover for IF THE SHOE FITS! I love it sooo much!

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