Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Savage Angel Blog Tour Winners, PLUS A Steamy Excerpt!

Hi there!  As the blog tour for Savage Angel just came to a close, it’s time to announce the winners of the Amazon GCs!  Ready? 

First prize, $25 Amazon GC:  Andra Lynn

Second prize, $10 Amazon GC: Chelsea B.

Blog Host prize: Stormgoddess

Also, I’m now a HUGE fan of organized blog tours.  GoddessFish Promotions did an excellent job of getting the word out that there’s this brand new series out there (The Earth Angels) from a brand new author (ME! :D), and that’s something I didn’t know how to do.  It was a lot of work, and I have no idea how many thousands of words in blog posts I did, but it went GREAT.  I’d also like to give a shout-out to every blogger who agrees to be a part of blog tours.  I’m so grateful that they’d let me come into their cyber-home to talk about my new series.  There’s no greater way to get the word out. ;) 

And even though I’m starting to get geared up for promo on the next release, WOUNDED ANGEL (out 5/27/13), there’s still so much I want to share of SAVAGE ANGEL, including this fun little excerpt.  Enjoy! J

She pursed her lips, and something changed in her expression, something that made his pulse go from zero to ninety in about a second. “What I have on my mind at this very moment in time is…you.”
“Yeah?” He pushed to a sitting position while his muscles thrummed with heady anticipation. “What about me?”
“Since you’re not a morning person, I can’t help but wonder if you just want to go back to sleep, or if you could be persuaded into keeping me company a while longer.”
He shifted, the sweet anguish of desire lengthening his hardness even more. When was it that she’d gotten so good at twisting him around her little finger? “I might need a bit more persuasion.”
“It’s a good thing I like your company. Otherwise I might not feel you’re worth the effort.” But her smile never wavered as she rolled to her knees to position herself between his, her hands coming to rest on his thighs. “Scratch that. You’re definitely worth the effort.”
The heat of her hands soaking through his jeans ignited a blaze of wildfire along his nerves. “The feeling’s mutual.”
“Good.” She slid a hand higher to cup the now-throbbing bulge behind his zipper. “You know, I think I’m getting used to having another person close to me.” Long, delicate fingers squeezed the sensitive head until his eyes drifted closed on a sighing moan while his whole nervous system rushed to attach to that one point of contact. “I don’t even need any words from you to know you want me. You respond so quickly to me here…and here.”
Just as Gideon was ready to believe this slice of heaven couldn’t get any better, Sara leaned into the cradle between his knees and nuzzled her mouth against the flat hollow that existed between his pectorals.
“My sense of hearing is far better than that of a normal person’s, so when I hear your heartbeat rev I know you’re getting as excited as I am.” Her tongue drew patterns over his flesh while she dragged her fingernails over the thick denim corralling his iron-hard flesh, and he half believed he’d died and gone to heaven without being aware of it. “Oh. It just skipped a beat, Gideon. Does that mean you liked that?”
As if she wanted to test the theory out she caressed his pulsating length again. He arched so hard it was a wonder he didn’t snap his own back. “Damn… Sara.”
Her hair, tied up in its usual high ponytail, tickled his flank as she let the tip of her tongue trace the brown disc of his nipple. “Is that a complaint?”
“You know better.” Helpless to stop himself, his hand came up to cradle the back of her head in a wordless plea for more. “The feel of your mouth on me…I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s enough to make me completely lose it.”
“What a waste that would be. You need to find a way to control this—” she gave his stiffened manhood a friendly squeeze, “—while I go about seeing that you are properly persuaded to stick around.”
Gideon ground his teeth on an incoherent curse as the lush heat of building rapture gushed into every corner of his universe. He could do nothing more than thank his lucky stars when at last her lips closed in on the nipple she’d teased so mercilessly, her teeth coming to hold it so her tongue could play with it until he wanted to scream.
“I love how every muscle in your body tenses when I touch you, almost like you’re preparing for hand-to-hand combat.” She was sounding a bit breathless herself when she finally lifted her magic-giving mouth. But she’d only done that so she could concentrate on taking great care in loosening the front of his jeans. Before he could sigh in relief at being free of the confining material at last, she slipped her hand inside and showed him what real tension was all about. “I love knowing you want me, Gideon. You don’t know how excited that makes me.”
There was nothing he could say. In that moment, she closed her fingers around the base of his staff and slid all the way to the tip while her mouth moved lower. His thigh and stomach muscles began to rhythmically flex in time with each spine-shuddering stroke of her hand, and it occurred to him how completely helpless he was. He didn’t care. He was literally and figuratively in her hands, and there was no place he’d rather be.
“Going commando, huh?” With his cooperation, she shucked his jeans aside. Helpless, he shivered with a surge of rapture as she squeezed his swollen sex as if testing his thickness before stroking him from the base to the tip, and back again. “I don’t know why you put on jeans in the first place.”
“You started it.” His capacity for coherent speech was just about at its limit. Who gave a damn about communication when the pleasure was starting to fold in on itself? “You got dressed, so…”
“I had to get dressed. Whoever heard of naked yoga?”
“I think that’s, uh…tantric, or…Sara.” His head fell back as she kissed a path past his navel, her hair sweeping over his lap in a mind-blowing caress. “Oh, God. I don’t know if I can take much more of this.”
"Try and think of something else," she suggested, always ready to help.


Curious about SAVAGE ANGEL, or want to take a sneak peek at the upcoming Earth Angels books? Please feel free to look through my storyboards on Pinterest.


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