Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NOBODY'S ANGEL Is 1 Day Old! Let's Celebrate With An Excerpt!

Woo, the first book in The Earth Angels series, NOBODY’S ANGEL, is one day old today!  Oh, they do grow so fast, don’t they? *wipes proud tear*  To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m posting an excerpt—enjoy!

He shrugged, a movement she could feel far more than see. “A geist doesn’t have the mental capacity to focus on one person unless it’s emotionally bound to them, like a relative. Or a lover.” He caught her chin and tilted it up as if to receive a kiss, and her lips parted in a response she couldn’t help. “Has anyone in your life died recently?”

“Yes.” Her heart didn’t seem to know whether to stop or start, so in the end it fluttered uselessly. “Dave Beamer.”

“This particular geist possessed Beamer and killed him, just like it possessed that man here at Fisherman’s Wharf and made him pull off that murder-suicide which mirrored the KPOW attack.”

Her mind spun in an effort to grasp what he was saying. “Are you sure it’s the same…um…geist?”

“There’s only one geist in this city now, and this one’s unmistakable. As soon as I can corner it, I’ll pass it on to the next life as easily as I passed on your friend Beamer.”

She couldn’t help it. Her jaw unhinged. “Wow, you can do that?”

He waved this away. “The geist we’re dealing with now is so old, its death would have occurred awhile ago. Months, maybe even years ago. Are you sure you can’t think of anyone close to you who passed away?”

“No. There’s no one.”

“Then its obsession with you is a mystery I don’t have time to solve. I have to get this geist crossed over before it kills you, or before…”

She waited a beat. “Before what?”

Before he could answer, a flashlight beam bounced in their direction. As if he was part of the night itself, he moved to shield her from it with his black-cloaked frame. The press of his length was as hard as the wall at her back, and without warning Kendall imagined she could feel every muscle-padded contour and raw-edged bone in his body. A spurt of something like alarm sizzled through her when it occurred to her just how big this man was. The shroud of night had managed to hide his linebacker frame, but there was no way to overlook how her breasts flattened against the lower part of his rib cage, nor could it mask the sudden awareness of his hips and lower region now plastered against her stomach. Could he feel the scorching heat their bodies generated, or was that just her overstimulated imagination? Her thoughts whirled off in a thousand different directions, each one on a path that was completely inappropriate for their circumstances. Like how it would be to try to fit her smaller stature into his embrace. Or if she would have to stand on her tiptoes to reach his mouth with her own. Or whether or not it would be more exciting for him to leave his mask on or take it off if he took her to his bed.

An appalled breath hissed out of Kendall, and she shifted furtively away from the intoxicating press of his body. Her motor sure was running hot lately, she chastised herself, shocked by her lusty thoughts. First Zeke got her all steamed up with his bedroom eyes and hands made for caressing a woman’s body, and now she was revved-up for the so-called Guardian Angel. Since when had she pulled on her any-man-will-do hot pants? It had to be the danger, she decided, trying to ignore the fever flushing her body. Danger was an aphrodisiac, but as of now, she was immune. The one thing she had to focus on was making sure she stayed out of the hands of the geist, and not pushing herself into the hands of a man who had a mask fetish.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Kicking Off NOBODY'S ANGEL Release Day & Blog Tour!


Finally… FINALLY!  It’s release day for NOBODY’S ANGEL, the first book in a four-part series, The Earth Angels, published by Carina Press!  I’m doing a two-week long blog tour to celebrate the occasion, leading up to the release of SAVAGE ANGEL, the second book in this series.  Yay for new releases!



Every day I’m going to be at a new blog, chatting about NOBODY’S ANGEL and offering a chance to win an Amazon $25 GC as a grand prize, or a NOBODY’S ANGEL mug and Starbucks Via coffee (North America only).  The more times you drop in and comment (with your email address, plzKthx!), you up your chances of winning by the end of the tour.  Make sense?  Good!




Blog tour schedule:

January 21: Live To Read ~Krystal
January 22: Andi's Book Reviews
January 23: Reading Reality
January 24: Urban Girl Reader
January 24: STOP 2 Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess
January 25:
Books Amour
January 25: STOP 2 You Gotta Read Reviews
January 28: Storm Goddess Book Reviews and More
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January 29: STOP 2 Where's My Muse?
January 30: Immortality and Beyond
January 30: STOP 2 Desiree Holt Tells All
January 31: It's Raining Books
February 1: Erzabet's Enchantments

Okay, now to chat a smidge about NOBODY’S ANGEL…


I’ve been looking forward to this release so much!  It touches on something I’ve loved since my brother and I tied towels around our necks and pretended that when we jumped off the couch, we weren’t bouncing…then flailing…then crashing.  No. We were flying, because we were superheroes.


Of the four super-powered characters starring in The Earth Angels, only the hero in NOBODY’S ANGEL, Zeke Reece, has chosen to don a mask and keep his city’s streets safe from otherworldly harm.  Corny, I know, but oh man, do I love a good angsty superhero, a guy who doesn’t showboat while saving the day—or in this case, the night.  He doesn’t do it for applause.  Or shoe endorsements.  Or to get all the hot chicks.


He does it because a hero can’t help but be anything else.


Better still, a superhero just has to have a super-villain, right?  Of course, right! And the one lurking in the shadows is quite possibly the creepiest thing I’ve ever dreamed up.  Seriously, y’all.  I wigged myself out. What’s more, this super-villain would love to make Kendall Glynn his latest victim, but she’s not exactly the easy out that she first appears to be.  Despite the terror Kendall experiences on sooooo many levels, she finds a way to empower herself, in ways that Zeke needs in order to eliminate this bizarre threat once and for all.  Don’t believe me?  Well, it comes as a surprise to Zeke too.  But even though he’s the descendant of an angel of death, not even he knows all the answers, and he comes to realize that there are times when even a hero needs some help.

So, welcome to the world, Zeke and Kendall!  You two get to kick off The Earth Angels series in NOBODY’S ANGEL! Better still, to the very sharp-eyed reader, there might even be a teensy peek at the ultimate bad guy that ties the entire series together.  Heh. >:)



Book one in The Earth Angels

Investigative journalist Kendall Glynn is horrified when a friend and colleague signs off permanently during a live newscast, jabbing a pen into his jugular. Kendall's no expert, but judging by the strange white veil in the anchorman's eyes, she would swear he was a man possessed.

A descendant of the accursed Nephilim, Zeke Reece prowls San Francisco by night, keeping the city free from paranormal phenomena. But even he is no match for whatever malevolent force is behind a recent rash of murder-suicides. And when a beautiful tenacious reporter becomes the next target, Zeke has no choice but to stay close to her, until he can find the evil spirit and cross it over.

The closer Kendall gets to the truth, the more danger she's in. Fortunately, a sexy and mysterious masked stranger keeps swooping in to the rescue. Kendall's life depends on finding who or what is responsible for the killings, before it finds her.

33,000 words


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pfffft To New Year's Resolutions (and YAY to Muppet-Flails)!

*Raises glass*


Happy New Year, and a huge, warm welcome to 2013!  It’s official—out with the old calendar and in with the new, and with that change comes the solemn tradition of sitting down and making resolutions for the next 365 days.


Pfffffft, I say.  Pfffffft.


TRUEFAX: I don’t do resolutions.  Why?  I BLAME MY PARENTS. Actually, I applaud them for it. =D  The great thing about my mom and dad is that they raised all of us with the kooky idea to reach for what you want every damn day.  If you don’t like something, change it.  Got problems with your size, whether you feel you’re underweight or overweight?  That can be managed at any time.  Same thing with bad habits, like smoking or chewing your nails.  Hate your job or the people you deal with on a daily basis?  Life is too short to be miserable, so find something/someone better.  Don’t wait for New Year’s.  January 1st doesn’t have any special magic. The magic of change is there all 365 days, so get out there and find it.  Live life like every day is New Year’s!


That being said, I really am looking forward to this year.  2013 marks the first year I’ll have four books published by Carina Press--holy cats!  Here’s the rundown... *buckles in*


January 21:  NOBODY’S ANGEL (The Earth Angels series, book 1)

February 4: SAVAGE ANGEL (The Earth Angels series, book 2)

May: WOUNDED ANGEL (The Earth Angels series, book 3)

July: UGLY DUCKLINGS FINISH FIRST (Bitterthorn, Texas series, book 1)


2013 marks another first for me.  When SAVAGE ANGEL releases, it’ll be my first full-length novel (55K words).  WOUNDED ANGEL and UGLY DUCKLINGS FINISH FIRST are also full-length, so for the first time ever, the novel projects outweigh the novella projects.  Just the thought of finally achieving this goal makes me so excited I have to stop myself from spontaneously muppet-flailing.

(Okay, maybe one little muppet-flail slipped out, heh.  It happens.)


And the coolest thing about all of this?  I didn’t have to wait until New Year’s to make this happen.  Thanks Mom and Dad, for teaching me to live every day like it’s the beginning of a New Year.  MWAH! :D
Happy New Year, y'all! <3