"...Zero Factor is short and intense. I would also add it is definitely worth reading and would be a great introduction to reading futuristic and science fiction books."  4.5 stars
Long And Short Reviews



"Best Man Worst Man by Stacy Gail is a delightfully funny, contemporary romance, complete with chocolate, and some serious toe-curling kisses. Gail delivers a charming feel good romance that I easily consumed in an afternoon."
Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer

 "Fans of Nora Roberts's "Bride Quartet" will find alluring the blending of intense passion with detailed discussions of wedded bliss."
Library Journal



"Gail's Crime Wave stands out"
Library Journal

"You will cry right along with the main character but it will also warm your heart to know that no matter how bad things are good can come of it." 4 1/2 stars
Booked Up Reviews

"This was a fully complete-feeling novella that made me want to hunt down more stories by Stacy Gail and read every word. I found her writing style and her storytelling smooth, intelligent, and both easy and pleasant to read." 5 stars
One Good Book Deserves Another Reviews

"My favorite tale is Stacy Gail’s Crime Wave in a Corset. I adore the spunky, intelligent wit of Cornelia. The chemistry between her and Roderick is delightful. The plot was exciting and I would love to read a full length version of this story."
Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer

"I really enjoyed this story and it really fitted into the Christmas theme, I felt this one was the only one you could really call a Christmas story." 5 stars
Passion for Novels

An EPIC Award 2013 Finalist for Best Sci-Fi Romance



"How the Glitch Saved Christmas did what any good Christmas story is supposed to--it made me smile. No more than that, it made me feel good, and it gave me a tiny bit of hope for the humanity in us all." 4 stars
Seleste, from Wicked Little Pixie

"The story feels complete without being rushed and as a tech holdout myself, I could appreciate a heroine who is described as a Luddite."
Jayne, from Dear Author, B rating

"This is a great story. I love the concept of it and the two main characters are fantastic together. Each in their own way fighting for what they believe is right. The story is wonderful and fast paced."
Paranormal Reads

"....[How The Glitch Saved Christmas] not only embodied the spirit of Christmas in a hearwarming way, it also made the most sense as a science fiction story that extended the world we know. And the romance was both hot and sweet."  5 stars
Booklovers, Inc

."Det. Reina Vedette finds that her unwillingness to perform body modifications and enhancements is a detriment to her position on the Chicago police force. When she is partnered with “bod-mod” enthusiast Edison Wicke to investigate a “reverse Grinch” during Christmas, Reina discovers that even cyberenhancements can be hot in the Chicago wintertime. Together, Reina and Wicke explore the idea that technology and humanity can coexist."
Starred review, Library Journal

"Ms. Gail has a real talent for writing flirtatious dialog. The sexual attraction simmers below the surface, building anticipation. Plus the characters are appealing."  B rating
All About Romance



"I would honestly, truly read this book again. You’ve got some mystery, plenty of laughs and a tidy ending that still teases you about future books. And let’s not forget about the hot stuff!..... Please do yourself a favor and give this book a chance. I know you won’t regret it!" 5 stars
Liz, from Harlequin Junkie (Goodreads Review)

"Great start to a new series!" 4 stars
Tome Tender


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