Friday, July 11, 2014

Coe's story has a NEW TITLE!

Guess what? The 4th Bitterthorn, Texas book, NOT-SO-SHINING ARMOR, has been officially renamed!  Coe’s Thanksgiving-themed book is now….


I’m pretty damned pleased with this spiffy new title, because a Last Will and Testament is the reason the heroine, Miranda Brookhaven, is dragged back to Bitterthorn.  Both Miranda and Coe have so much baggage they need a trolley to help cart it around, and all that extra stuff has to do with each other.  Whether they like it or not, this Will is going to force them to deal with their sh!t, and while they’re dealing, they might even scrape together a little happiness. We’ll see. ;)

WHERE THERE’S A WILL is being released in November, by Carina Press.

Unofficial blurb for WHERE THERE’S A WILL:

Miranda Brookhaven is back in Bitterthorn for one reason—to return patent rights to their true owner, Coe Rodas. Years earlier, her father callously used her relationship with Coe to steal the design of an ingenious fuel valve. Now her father's dead, and she’s stuck with righting a wrong that lost her the two men who had once meant the world to her.

Coe’s dreams of hitting it big were gutted when Miranda, a little princess if there ever was one, stabbed him in the back and stole his valve. But to his surprise, Miranda is the one who feels she was wronged. To add to his confusion, the once-pampered princess can’t afford to buy milk, lives in a condemned trailer in that hellhole where he grew up, Garden Court… and everything he thought he knew might be wrong. 

It’s irrelevant to Miranda that Coe believes her superpower is the ability to hold a grudge. What matters is that he can no longer get under her skin. But as Thanksgiving rolls around, the spirit of the season threatens to open her ferociously closed-off heart. Or maybe it's not the season at all.  Maybe it's Coe, who seems determined to play the role of knight in not-so-shining armor.

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