Monday, August 12, 2013

STARTING FROM SCRATCH is up on Amazon! Plus, a UDFF giveaway



Despite the fact that UGLY DUCKLINGS FINISH FIRST is only one week old as of today, the next book in the Bitterthorn, Texas series has already gone up on Amazon, can you believe it?  STARTING FROM SCRATCH won’t be out until November 21st (a rare Thursday release), yet it’s up for pre-order. Wow. *confetti dance*

As for UGLY DUCKLINGS FINISH FIRST, it’s been the most successful release I’ve had with Carina Press, and I’m thrilled about it.  I suspect it's because a lot of people can relate to Payton and Wiley; I know I can.  There’s just something magical about lifelong friends deciding to leave those safe but familiar waters, and take a shot at becoming lovers.  It’s a scary thing, risking that cherished friendship to reach for something even more profound, but it's worth it.  At least, Wiley and Payton think so, and the passionate love and depth of understanding they create proves it.  In taking that chance--and pushing through all the bumps thrown in along the way--they discover a love and devotion that's strong enough to see them through even the worst storm.



Metal Mouth. Queen Geek. Dr. Payton Pruitt heard it all growing up. But she’s over it, and attending her ten-year high school reunion is the perfect way to prove it to herself. Even if there’s only one person she’s interested in seeing in Bitterthorn, Texas: Wiley Sharpe.

Now a respected lawyer, Wiley didn’t live down to the label Most Likely to Be Slapped with a Paternity Suit. But recent acts of vandalism suggest someone still sees him as a heartbreaker, and the reunion seems a likely place to find the culprit. Instead, Wiley comes face-to-face with his old pal Payton—and is wowed not only by her transformation into a ravishing swan, but by the connection they still share.

Payton is pleased the playboy she used to tutor has grown into an honorable man, but she’s too smart to fall for a guy with roots in a place she couldn’t wait to leave. But while Payton is an academic genius, Wiley is the one with the PhD in pleasure, and he intends to use it to convince her to stay…

63,000 words

FYI: Be on the lookout for the second Bitterthorn book, STARTING FROM SCRATCH, a Carina Press holiday novella coming this November and edited by the amazing Angela James!





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